Grant allocation within StarTech program

Innovation and digital transformation support.

We hereby inform you that the National Alliance for Local Economic Development (NALED) and the Government of the Republic of Serbia invite start-ups, entrepreneurs, micro, small and medium enterprises (SMEES) to sign up for the StarTech program, aimed at supporting innovation and digital transformation of the economy in Serbia, until 18 May.

StarTech program consists of three components:

1.      I component: Direct financial and expert support for private companies

2.      II component: Reforms for better conditions of innovative business

3.      III component: Promotion of innovation, innovators, and Serbia as an investment destination

The program is valued at $ 5 million, of which about $ 3.5 million is earmarked for the I component of the program, and the remaining $ 1.5 million is directed at the II and III components of the program.


Public call target

Within the I program component, a public invitation for grants is implemented. The overall goal of this component of the program and a public call is to contribute to the improvement and high-tech development of Serbia's traditional economy through the application of innovations and advanced technologies.


The subject of a public call

Activities that can be funded from the grants program are:

•Development of innovation through the application of new or significantly improved products/services, processes, marketing methods, or new methods of doing business in the organization or company's relationship with the environment;

•Digital transformation of the company, i.e. application of digital and technological solutions that will affect the improvement, reorganization of business, and improvement of business performance of the company. 


The public invitation covers three parties

LOT 1 - Support for start-ups with innovative ideas:

1. USERS - Teams in establishment and start-up businesses registered as early as January 1, 2020.
2. PURPOSE - Innovation development - proof of concept, prototyping, implementation, or commercialization of innovation.
3. GRANT VALUE - $15,000 to $25,000 per project proposal, or a maximum of 90% of the project's approved budget.

LOT 2 - SMEES support to develop innovation, i.e. digital transformation:

1. USERS - SMEES registered no later than December 31, 2019.
2. PURPOSE - Projects aimed at implementing/commercialization of innovation and/or digital transformation are financed.
3. GRANT VALUE - $25,000 to $50,000, or a maximum of 80% of the project's approved budget.

LOT 3 – SMEES support to develop innovation, i.e. digital transformation, with exit to the export market or increasing the number of jobs:

1. USERS - SMEES registered no later than December 31, 2019.
2. PURPOSE - Projects aimed at implementing/commercialization of innovation for the export market, and/or digital transformation and newly created jobs/achieved exports are financed.
3. GRANT VALUE - $50,000 to $100,000, or a maximum of 70% of the project's approved budget.

This program stipulates that all applicants can apply for one of the voucher packages. The following voucher packages are available to applicants:

1. StartUp package - (making a business plan, establishment and registration, designing names and slogans).

2. Training package - (basic training for social media account management, training for the use of free graphic design tools, basic training for promotional content writing).

3. "Promo star" - (consulting in marketing, promotion and PR).

4. "Dear advice" - (legal counseling).

5. “Show me the money” - (financial counseling).

6. "Dream team" - (human resource counseling).

7. "Where's your seal?"  - (intellectual property counseling).


The process of selecting projects and funding decisions includes the following steps: 

1. Administrative verification of applications;

2. Evaluation of the project proposal:

     • I round of selection - evaluation of project proposals,

     • II round of selection - field visit,

     • III round of selection - pitching event;

3. Decision on financing.



Public call published - 18.03.2022.
Info days - March, April 2022.
Deadline for applying for professional support - 18.04.2022.
Deadline for submitting an application - 18.05.2022.
Administrative verification - May 2022.
I round of selection - Jun, July 2022.
Field visit - July, August 2022.
Pitch Event - October 2022.
Funding decision - October 2022.

Deloitte has extensive experience in a wide range of advisory services, which allows applications to be followed at all stages. It is up to the client whether to choose to help in any particular element of the process or whether Deloitte will support the application to the entire process, and from the first to the last step will be with you. Deloitte provides assistance in preparing the necessary documentation for the application, support in assembling the offer, and continuous advisory services for the duration of the project.


Pavle Kutlešić, LL.M.



Dr. Marko Novaković, LL.M., PMP


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