Programme: Creative Europe

Project: Video games and development of immersive contents

Within the Creative Europe Programme, which focuses on culture and audio-visual sectors, an invitation has been issued for participation in the Video Games project and the development of immersive content. And this year Serbia is one of the participants in creative Evrope programmes.

Grants totalling up to 6m euros are earmarked for the development of works and prototypes of interactive narratives with original content and/or quality gameplay intended for production and global commercial exploitation through computers, consoles, mobile devices, tablets, smartphones and other technologies.

These funds are earmarked for video game production companies and other companies that produce content for the development of works with high levels of originality and innovative and creative value.

Project objective

The aim of the project is to increase the capacity to develop video games and interactive immersive experiences, through:

• Higher quality, display, feasibility and global potential for selected projects, and

• Strengthens the position on the European and world markets for developers and companies involved in the development of interactive immersive experiences.

See below for a tabular view of important dates for the projection:

 Publishing a public invitation to participate in the project

      February 8, 2022                                                                          

 Deadline for submitting applications for participation
in the project

      April 12th, 2022. 17:00 (Brussels Time)
Evaluation period 
      April - August 2022
Informing the applicant of the results of the evaluation
      September 2022
Signing of the Financial Asset Allocation Agreement
      November 2022

Conditions for participation in the project

Although almost all companies, both public and private or associations from Europe, may participate, the conditions for the game itself are considerably more concrete:

• Video games must have a narrative that is narrative and displayed throughout the video game, not just through the introduction or completion of the game;
• Video games or immersive experiences must be commercial;
Copyright must be deposited;
• The start of the production phase must be scheduled for at least 10 months from the expiration date for applications;
The duration of the project is a maximum of 36 months.

Deloitte support for you and your teams:

• help prepare the necessary documentation for applying to the competition
• support in drawing up the application
• continuous consulting services during the project and/or during the project implementation phase


Pavle Kutlesic, LL.M.



Dr Marko Novakovic, LL.M., PMP


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