Tax Alert, September 2018

Social Security Agreement between Serbia and China  

Draft of the Law on Ratification of Social Security Agreement between Government of Serbia and Government of People’s Republic of China has been published. The Social Security Agreement has been signed in Belgrade on June 8th 2018, in Serbian, Chinese and English language.

The Agreement will be in force once both parties ratify the Agreement, on the first day of the forth month upon the month in which the parties notify each other regarding the ratification.

The Agreement will be applicable on the legislation regulating pension and disability insurance and insurance for unemployment. Health insurance is not encompassed with this Agreement.

What is also important is the application of the legislation of one party to the employee assigned from to perform work on the territory of the second party. Namely, the period of the application of the legislation of the first party is 60 months, and can be extended for additional 24 months if the competent authorities come to a mutual agreement.

These provision will have impact on immigration procedures in Serbia, more precisely on the duration of the work permit for assignment and intercompany movement.

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