Tax Alert, April 2017

Rulebook on PPP PO tax return

On March 10th, 2017, “Rulebook on amendments to the Rulebook on withholding tax return” (hereinafter referred to as a Rulebook) was published in the “Official Gazette RS” no. 21/2017, and has entered into force on March 11th, 2017.

Novelties on filing out the PPP PO form

The new Rulebook implements a new field under ordinal number 5.1. - Note in the PPP-PO form. In case where the amount of employment income (salary and other benefits) prescribed in Article 13 to 14b of the Serbian Law on Personal Income Tax, was paid by the payer of income (employer) to a natural person - a Serbian tax resident who was assigned abroad to work for legal entities, Serbian residents, is higher than amount of gross income reported in ordinal number 3.2-Gross income, the difference between those amounts should be reported in field 5.1.

Rulebook substitute a previous PPP-PO form with a new PPP-PO form – Withholding Taxes and Social Security Contributions Certificate.

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