Tax Alert, March 2019

2018 non-taxable threshold for annual income tax purposes

Based on the published data in Official Gazette no. 13/2019 from February 28th 2019 regarding average annual salary per employee paid out in 2018 in the Republic of Serbia, the non-taxable threshold relevant for determining 2018 annual personal income tax filing liability is set at RSD 2,470,644. Annual income taxpayers for 2018 are natural persons, both tax residents and tax non-residents, whose annual net income for 2018 exceeded the afore-mentioned threshold.

Non–taxable amount, taxable amounts and personal deductions relevant for 2018 annual income tax are presented in the table below:

Description  Amount in RSD
 Non-taxable amount  2,470,644
 Income taxable at 10%   4,941,288
 Income taxable at 15%   Above 4,941,288               
 Personal deduction for a taxpayer*  329,419
 deduction for a dependent family member*     123,532

* Total amount of deductions cannot exceed 50% of income to be taxed

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