Economist Innovation Forum

March 26th, 2015 in Chicago, Illinois

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Tech and legal frontiers: Accelerating technologies, patent reform, and the new era of IP

Today, every company must think and act like a technology company. Incumbents in traditionally non-technology spaces find themselves grappling with an urgent need for IP fluency and the ability to position themselves at the forefront of innovation and R&D efforts in their industries. More recently, Apple has been ordered to pay $532.9 million dollars in damages to SmartFlash, a patent holding company with no employees, for infringing on 3 patents. 

This colossal fine is yet another example underscoring the importance for companies to assess their IP readiness in the wake of patent reform and rapid technological change. The panel discussed hot button issues in the world of IP and how businesses can stay ahead. View the video below to hear more about how can companies balance IP issues with the urgent need to stimulate open models for collaboration, innovation, and growth.

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The Economist’s Innovation Forum made its debut in Chicago, discussing how exponential technologies, frugal engineering, and radical business models are disrupting top industries. The event brought together Fortune 500 CEOs, policymakers, and entrepreneurs who are continuously disrupting the status-quo.

Deloitte’s Global Chief Innovation Officer, John Levis, sat in on a panel discussing tech and new frontiers, “Tech and legal frontiers: Accelerating technologies, patent reform, and the new era of IP."Learn more about the panel and view a video from the discussion below.

At the showcase, Deloitte demonstrated some cutting-edge innovation tools and methodologies, including additive manufacturing and wearables.

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Wizards and trolls: Accelerating technologies, patent reform, and the new era of IP

Not long ago, protecting intellectual property was primarily the purview of technology and pharmaceutical companies. More recently, however, industries in the path of these accelerating technologies have begun to find themselves grappling with an urgent and often critical need for IP fluency.

Diego Eleta

John Levis

John Levis is the Regional Managing Director, Americas Region and Chief Innovation Officer of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited since June 1, 2011.

As Global Chief Innovation Officer, John drives the Deloitte network’s strategy of next-level innovation. He counsels businesses on how to transform innovation from an intangible, aspirational concept into a meaningful business strategy that can drive greater productivity and lead to a competitive advantage in the marketplace. John also works to promote an innovative culture at Deloitte and facilitates the sharing of innovative best practices and new ideas across the member firm network. He is a frequent speaker at external forums on the changing nature of global innovation in business today.

As Regional Managing Director - Americas, John is a member of Deloitte’s global executive. John provides leadership to Deloitte member firms in the Caribbean, Central and South America, executing global priorities throughout the region.

John Levis