Health & Wellness Progress Report


Health & Wellness Progress Report 2015

Developing solutions for positive change

The effort to address health and wellness on a global scale becomes more critical every day. Industry leaders are working with each other and with external stakeholders to meet the challenges.

Produced by Deloitte for The Consumer Goods Forum, the Health & Wellness Progress Report 2015 is a follow-up to the 2014 CGF Health & Wellness Survey, and summarizes the challenges of this topic as well as the actions being taken by the industry.

In spite of great strides made in human longevity, we are confronting what the World Health Organization (WHO) identifies as “one of the major challenges for development in the 21st century”: the rise in non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

According to the latest WHO estimates, 16 million people are dying prematurely from heart and lung diseases, stroke, cancer, and diabetes. Moreover, the issues of obesity, diabetes, aging populations, stress, and mental health are part of a broader spectrum of concerns that include the long-recognized challenges of under-nutrition, micro-nutrient deficiencies, and hygiene. The effort to address this situation on a global scale becomes more critical every day.

2015 Health & Wellness Progress Report (Executive summary)

The goal is to help people lead healthier lives, and to encourage a culture of prevention. This will involve multi-stakeholder collaborations and partnerships, and in turn will earn consumer trust and business growth through positive change and the empowerment of consumers. There are three important areas of focus:

1. Access and availability of products and services
2. Product information and responsible marketing
3. Communication and education about healthier diets and lifestyles

Given the complexity of the issue, it is important to work across the industry and with external stakeholders.

This report presents an overview of the topic, key findings and industry activities, and recommended next steps.

2015 Health & Wellness Progress Report (full report)

This Health & Wellness Infographic from Deloitte Consumer Business and the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) presents an overview of the most important topics from the report. Highlights include:

  • Worldwide obesity has nearly doubled since 1980; half the world is expected to be obese by 2050.
  • CGF members can empower 7 billion consumers to make healthier product and lifestyle choices.
  • In 2014, CGF member companies reformulated nearly 23,000 products to support healthier diets.
  • A CGF commitment is to stop targeting advertising to children under 12 for products that do not fulfill specific nutrition criteria.
Health & Wellness at the Consumer Goods Forum 2015
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