Руде & метали

Наш тим нуди свеобухватан приступ и висок ниво стручности. Са успостављеном међународном мрежом професионалаца, нудимо глобални, интегрисани приступ у комбинацији сa познавањем индустрије и пословања што нам омогућава да помогнемо нашим клијентима било где у свету.

Tracking the trends 2020

The top 10 issues transforming the future of mining

Leading from the front

Over the past few years, the mining sector has made significant strides to steer through disruption and volatility. However, they continue to grapple with a host of external challenges—from an uncertain geopolitical landscape and technological disruption to increased demands from communities and investors. How can miners succeed and lead from the front?

To thrive, some companies are addressing climate change and investor concerns through decarbonization and uncovering new opportunities through joint ventures. Miners are also revisiting their talent and diversity strategies, working to strengthen relationships with local communities, and seeking ways to create value beyond compliance.

Now in its 12th year, Tracking the Trends 2020 features insights, strategies, and forward-thinking ideas that mining companies can leverage to learn how to lead from the front. Our global mining professionals once again share a wealth of lessons learned that companies can draw upon to reposition for the future.

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Energy and the mining industry

Driving value through energy management

Energy represents a tremendous improvement opportunity for mining companies since savings derived from more proactive energy management are inextricably linked to energy management.

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The future of tax in mining

The evolving global landscape

In this report, we examine key tax considerations for mining companies and suggest ways in which tax departments can address these challenges by embracing digital technologies, revamping their structures and processes, and rethinking how they interact with revenue authorities, governments, and the general public. The report also illustrates how disruptive technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, and machine learning present opportunities to enhance the tax function’s effectiveness.

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