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2015 Financial Services M&A, selected opportunities

Our Financial Services M&A predictions highlights seven selected opportunities for Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) in 2015. Our prediction is that there will be a further increase in M&A activity across Europe in this year.

This report was developed by the Deloitte UK member firm.

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7 selected opportunities for 2015

  1. Asset finance
    M&A in the sector will be driven by bank divestments, new entrants, regulatory changes and the opportunity to create operational scale and growth in 2015.
  2. Consumer finance
    We expect regulatory developments in the sector to result in M&A through consolidation as business seek to protect profits.
  3. European Life insurance
    M&A activity will increase in 2015, driven by regulatory and political change and an increased focus on market consolidation.
  4. Fintech
    M&A activity will continue to be considerable as new technologies become widespread, regulatory change creates market opportunities and as investors recognize the globalization potential available.
  5. Impact of the Asset Quality Review
    With concerns of capital strength and balance-sheet transparency removed by the AQR and stress tests, we expect a greater focus on legacy issues and core profitability to generate M&A in 2015.
  6. Reinsurance broking
    We think that pressures facing reinsurers will continue to increase, leading to uplift in M&A activity.
  7. Third-party mortgage administration
    We think that growth in this market is likely to accelerate in 2015, resulting in further consolidation of the industry.
2015 Financial Services: M&A Selected Opportunities
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