Hot Markets


Hot markets

Leaders from our global infrastructure M&A teams explore the dynamics impacting key markets around the world

  • Which geographic markets are attracting the most interest from financial investors in infrastructure?
  • Why are they creating a buzz?
  • Is the hype justified? Key considerations and challenges for investors.
  • Which are the emerging markets to watch?

A tour of global hotspots

This Hot Markets article, published in Infrastructure Investor magazine (April 2015), explores all these questions and more, with specialist commentary from leaders in the global infrastructure M&A team on:

  1. Australia: Asset recycling has helped Australia become a global focus for investors, but in the midst of political uncertainty, how long will this last?
  2. Asia: Financial investment into the region will be a slow burn as tentative steps are taken towards developing PPP markets, and as investors in Australia begin looking at neighbouring opportunities.
  3. MENA: Governments have been cautious about private sector involvement in infrastructure, but the assumption that they can provide all the required funding is now being challenged.
  4. UK: Still the first port of call for investors examining opportunities in Europe, but can supply meet demand?
  5. Nordics: The only European region close to rivalling the UK, with lots of current deal activity and investors scouring the terrain, but how much is left?
  6. Germany: After a series of utilities and renewable energy deals a few years ago, regulation and taxation can now be very challenging and yield is hard to find.
  7. Poland: A market to watch?
  8. Spain: Here we go again.

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Hot markets

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