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Selection Process


During the recruitment process, we test candidates’ capacity for logical thinking and working with information provided in different formats. Some departments also conduct English proficiency and professional knowledge tests, depending on the job for which you are applying. The tests that are given to candidates for various vacancies are listed in the table below. Some tests allow you to take a trial version and immediately get feedback on the results!

Audit department

1. Logic test (Check the trial version for Moscow and the trial version for Spb)

2. English test (Check the trial version)

3. Accounting and audit test (Check the trial version)


Tax & Legal department

1. Logic test (Check the trial version)

2. English test (Check the trial version)

3. Tax test (Check the trial version)

Consulting department

1. System Reasoning test

2. Professional knowledge test, depending on the group

Financial Advisory department

1. English test

2. Professional knowledge test, depending on the group

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