Corporate secretarial


Deloitte Corporate Management

We offer a service that automates the creation of corporate documents (protocols, decisions, powers of attorney, and other documents). We help corporate secretarial employees generate documents in real time. Our special tool lets you automatically generate documents based on specific templates, which will considerably cut the time it takes to create these documents, eliminate errors and typos, and prevent the accidental copying of irrelevant information from old documents (for example, incorrect dates). The service enables collaborative work on the preparation of certain documents and lets you monitor its progress. If you have a set of frequently used documents, we are ready to set up a pilot project to take over the work of your secretary, creating individual templates and preparing updated documents using our system.

Deloitte Legal uses software developed in-house and adapted by our local specialists to ensure compliance with Russian legislation. Our web application works on any browser, does not require installation, uses templates and documents in Word and PDF formats, and protects data using cutting-edge encryption algorithms.

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