Document builders


Document builders

Accelerating  document workflow

Up to 70% of internally prepared documents subject to approval can be generated automatically using a document builder.  

These documents include:

  • Contracts, addenda, and appendices
  • Powers of attorney
  • Office memos, orders
  • Claims and responses to claims
  • Corporate secretary document flow.


  • Streamlines the preparation of contracts
  • Accelerates document preparation
  • Minimizes errors
  • Ensures high quality documents
  • Gives lawyers more time to solve complex, non-routine tasks.

How does it work?

  • A contract is selected and filled in automatically

The user predefines the nature of the relationship between the parties, and the builder automatically downloads a relevant contract template.

  • Filling in the contract

The questions and answers visible to the user are specific and formulated based on the actual activities of the company. The tool generates subsequent questions and possible responses based on the user’s answers to the preceding question.

  • User

Business unit employees only work with questionnaires that cover the commercial terms of the contract.

  • Process automation

Standardized document formats mean that follow-up processes can also be automated, i.e. creating registers, administering contracts and sending reminders of contractual terms.

Deloitte Legal approach:

We provide consulting services to improve legal and related processes, including the preparation and management of documents. Implementing a document builder is one of the tools we use to improve such processes.

We identify business processes related to the generation and approval of official documents and their automation potential.

We develop target models that take automation opportunities into account, assess the effect and create a change plan.

We design legal documents, optimize forms and format templates to maximize the scope of covered business cases.

We incorporate new business processes and document forms into the document management system or document builder.

Accelerating the document workflow

A tool that automates legal document flow using RPA technologies

Key contacts

Anna Kostyra

Anna Kostyra

Managing partner at Deloitte Legal CIS

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Ekaterina Bespalova

Ekaterina Bespalova

Senior Lawyer, Legal Services

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