Reducing costs and introducing new medicines: top development trends in the Russian pharmaceutical industry 2016


Top development trends in the Russian pharmaceutical industry 2016

Reducing costs and introducing new medicines

Deloitte CIS Research Centre

Deloitte would like to thank you for your participation in the May 2016 survey, which was part of the research project entitled “Development trends and practical aspects of the Russian pharmaceutical industry 2016.” Your expert opinion helped us perform a comprehensive review of the Russian pharmaceutical industry and analyse the sentiment and expectations of the market participants with respect to the Russian pharmaceutical market’s growth as well as their own.

Over 70 respondents representing 50 Russian and foreign manufacturers of original medicines and generics in Russia and abroad, and pharmaceutical distributors participated in the 2016 survey.

Key issues:

  • Statistical survey of key Russian pharmaceutical industry indicators
  • Russian pharmaceutical industry: current situation and forecast
  • Russian pharmaceutical companies: current situation and forecast
  • List of main issues facing the Russian pharmaceutical industry
  • Russian pharmaceutical business development strategies
  • Cost optimisation options
  • Trading policy in the Russian pharmaceutical market
  • Government measures aimed at reducing the share of imported medicines
  • Key government regulation areas to be improved

This survey has been conducted annually since 2013 and forms the basis for a comprehensive study on the Russian pharmaceutical industry. We would be very grateful if you would consider participating in our next survey as well.

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