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Life Sciences and Health Сare surveys, reports, infographics, case studies and more

2018 Global life sciences outlook

Innovating life sciences in the fourth industrial revolution: Embrace, build, grow

With the evolving industrialization of life sciences, companies need to embrace the exponential changes in technology to change the way they work, conduct research, innovate, manufacture and distribute products, and meet consumer expectations. More

Unravelling complexity

The challenge of compliance in the life sciences supply chain

In an environment driven by increasing complexity, product diversity and regulatory scrutiny, what are the major compliance risks impacting the entirety of the life sciences supply chain? What opportunities exist to transform compliance from a burden to a source of competitive advantage? More

Russian Pharmaceutical Market Trends in 2017

Track & trace system: additional costs or opportunities?

As one of the most high-tech intensive industries, the pharmaceutical sector is characterised by rapid changes in product offerings. While staying competitive in the industry requires a continuing flow of financial support and rigorous innovation, pharmaceutical investments can generate lucrative returns, with the industry itself having the potential to become one of the powerhouses of the Russian economy...More

2017 global health care sector outlook

Making progress against persistent challenges

The challenges of providing and funding health care around the globe haven’t changed much over the last few years – and they are unlikely to do so in 2017. But how should sector stakeholders address these persistent challenges?..More

2017 Global life sciences outlook

Thriving in today’s uncertain market

Life sciences sector growth is expected to be fueled by increasing demand from an aging population and the prevalence of chronic and communicable diseases...More

Russian Pharmaceutical Forum

16-17 May 2017 | St. Petersburg

Organiser: Adam Smith Institute, Partner: Deloitte CIS

Oleg Berezin, Partner and Leader of the Life Science and Healthcare Industry Services at Deloitte CIS, and Maria Terekhova, Consulting Senior Manager at Deloitte CIS, presented on the hottest topic “Integration of the Track & Trace system with accounting and tax processes”, which was followed by an in-depth and insightful discussion involving Roszdravnadzor’s and pharma companies’ representatives...More

Top development trends in the Russian pharmaceutical industry 2016

Reducing costs and introducing new medicines

Over 70 respondents representing 50 Russian and foreign manufacturers of original medicines and generics in Russia and abroad, and pharmaceutical distributors participated in the 2016 survey...More

2016 Global life sciences outlook

Moving forward with cautious optimism

How is the global life sciences sector addressing today’s volatile marketplace, one characterized by economic uncertainty, pricing pressures, increased demand for innovation and value, more focus on consumer engagement, and an ever-changing regulatory and risk environment?..More

2016 Global health care outlook - Battling costs while improving care

Deloitte’s ‘2016 global health care sector outlook’, launched 14 January, highlights the key global trends impacting the healthcare sector and the important considerations that healthcare stakeholders need to address as they tackle their local marketplace and organisational issues in 2016 and beyond. This week our Centre for Health Solutions blog summarises some of the key considerations covered in the global report which we consider should have implications for the UK...More

Healthcare and Life Sciences Predictions 2020

Taxing times ahead

Tax is a hot topic right now for big business and will have major repercussions for the healthcare and life sciences industry. This paper looks at Deloitte’s original flagship report, ‘Healthcare and life sciences predictions 2020: A bold future’, published in November 2014, and explores what these predictions will mean for tax. It also forms its own tax prediction to illustrate what the future of Tax could look like for the industry in 2020...More

Russia restricts government procurement of foreign medicine

On 10 December 2015, Russian Government Resolution No. 1289 of 30 November 2015 (hereinafter, “Resolution No. 1289”), which restricts the inclusion of foreign medical products on the list of Vital and Essential Medicines, was enacted. The resolution was published on the official website of the Government of the Russian Federation on 2 December 2015...More

Development Trends and Practical Aspects of the Russian Pharmaceuti­cal Industry – 2015

Survey results

Since the end of 2014, the Russian pharmaceutical industry has been affected by the overall economic situation in the country (devaluation of the national currency, economic slowdown and decreasing purchasing power of the population etc.) and the global geopolitical situation (sanctions imposed against Russia, etc.)...More

2015 Global life sciences sector outlook

Adapting in an era of transforma­tion

Aging populations, chronic/lifestyle diseases, emerging-market expansion, and treatment and technology advances are expected to spur the life sciences sector’s growth in 2015. However, efforts by governments, health care providers, and health plans to reduce costs, improve outcomes, and demonstrate value is dramatically altering the health care demand and delivery landscape. It is becoming increasingly evident that the global life sciences sector is operating in an era of significant transformation...More

Trends and practical aspects of development of the Russian pharmaceutical market 2013

This research includes a summarised opinion of pharmaceutical company representatives on the development trends of the market in Russia, its regulation and existing problems arising in the conduct of business...More

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