Russian Manufacturing Industry Overview — 2017. Key findings


Overview of Manufacturing Industry in Russia

External investments enable expansion into new markets

Deloitte CIS Research Center

Deloitte CIS would like to thank all those who participated in the survey we conducted in April-May 2017 as part of our “Current State and Outlook of Manufacturing Sector in Russia – 2017“ project.

We are pleased to present you with the full version of the analytical report.

Main topics:

  • Current state of the manufacturing sector and companies in Russia
  • Outlook for the manufacturing sector and companies in Russia
  • Key problems manufacturing companies in Russia are facing
  • Key incentives and development barriers of the manufacturing sector and companies in Russia
  • Priority strategies for manufacturing companies in Russia
  • Currency risk and its impact: how to manage
  • Changes in working with suppliers
  • Government support measures for manufacturing sector in Russia
  • Innovation at manufacturing companies in Russia
  • Relevant environmental and tax issues
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