Women CEOs in Russia


Women CEOs in Russia

Financial performance indicators

We are proud to present our new research on women leaders in Russia. In this study, we analyzed the association between the gender of CEOs and the financial performance at Russian companies of various sizes.

We used a large sample of more than 224 thousand unique companies over a continuous five-year period, and included company performance indicators such as:

  • Return on equity and assets;
  • Gross, operating, and profit margins;
  • Efficiency ratio;
  • Debt ratio;
  • Credit history, in particular, default rate.

Our findings show that women CEOs demonstrated a high level of competence at managing capital and improving gross revenues at all companies studied. However, we were unable to draw definite conclusions about the performance of women-led companies relative to those led by men, since the differences arose for the companies of different revenue sizes.

You can read more about the identified trends in our report.

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