Research Centre


Research Centre

The Deloitte CIS Research Centre was established in 2015 as part of the Business Development department. It focuses on expanding Deloitte’s expertise in the leading sectors of the Russian and CIS economies.

Our projects include forecasting industry prospects, analyzing the latest corporate governance trends, and studying best practices in business regulation and product and function management.

The results of our research are fundamental to improving performance, implementing operational changes in companies, and creating corporate and government development strategies.

Our services:

  • Industry research.Our industry research encourages clients to develop, test, and implement new strategic solutions to grow their business. We regularly publish studies of the consumer industry, media consumption, oil-related services, ferrous metallurgy, and other sectors, providing a detailed overview of the current state of affairs, key factors, and development trends.
  • Function research. We identify important trends, technologies, and performance indicators for key functions in companies. Our function research lies at the core of operational changes in companies and improved performance of various functions.
  • Best practices and global benchmarking. We study the best global practices in industry regulation, as well as product and function management at the company level. Our research in these areas allows regulators and companies to improve their performance by incorporating customized best practices into their operations.

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Vitaly Mikhalchuk

Vitaly Mikhalchuk

Head of Research Centre

Vitaly is the Head of the Deloitte CIS Research Centre. He has over nine years of professional experience in strategy consulting and market research, having worked with companies in the oil & gas, min... More