Chief Sustainability Officer Club


Chief Sustainability Officer Club

The Chief Sustainability Officer Club (the CSO Club) brings together sustainability leaders and advisors with competence covering several disciplines: environment protection, occupational health and safety, social and economic impact assessment, communication with internal and external stakeholders, supply chain sustainability, product quality continuity and compliance with rules and regulations as well as international standards.

The sustainability officer may also be responsible for helping executives identify areas for development to ensure a balance between the interests of the company, employees and other stakeholders.

We invite you to join the CSO Club, which serves as a forum to discuss:

  • Interactions with leadership and the board of directors
  • Compliance with Russian legislation and international standards as regards health, safety and environment
  • Public annual integrated reporting, including external assurance for non-financial reports

By joining the CSO Club, executives can participate in discussions on the most recent developments in sustainability, share their experiences, obtain insights into the most successful projects and strengthen the position of the CSO within their corporate organisation.

Please send your request to join the Chief Sustainably Officer Club via emails:

Ivan Kukhnin:

Maria Spiridonova:

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