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24 June 2021

Personal trusts: preserving capital for future generations

Starting from 1 March 2022, individuals will be able to establish living personal trusts.

Why is it important?

The creation of a personal trust can serve various purposes:

  • to effectively manage one’s assets
  • to create a financial legacy for years to come
  • to secure uninterrupted business operation  after one’s death
  • to ensure succession.


15 February 2021

Anticipated clamp down on personal taxes

This issue highlights the latest initiatives aimed at strengthening the fiscal control over individuals.

The initiatives are:

  • to establish a specialised tax inspectorate for high-net-worth individuals
  • to introduce amendments to the Russian Tax Code, obliging banks to report to the Russian tax authorities full account holder information
  • to toughen up criminal sanctions for individual tax offenders.
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