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Deloitte has accumulated a unique experience over the years of providing professional services to companies with various ownership structure from every sector of the economy all over the world. Our specialists will gladly leverage this experience to support and develop your private or family business.

We are there for you to help solve the unique problems your business might encounter at different stages of its life cycle and unfold its potential for growth and innovation. When working with you and your business, we strive to put your personal ambitions in the centre of everything we do!

We aim to help

  • Private companies
  • Family offices
  • Fast-growing small and medium enterprises
  • Private clients and entrepreneurs


Our services

Deloitte CIS provides a wide range of services to privately held companies, including the preparation and audit of reporting, tax advice, legal support, risk management, strategic and operational consulting, and financial advice. Your personal consultant will be there to answer your questions over the phone, e-mail, mobile messenger – you name it – and quickly plug in a cross-functional and international team, making sure your problem is dealt with in a hands-on and can-do way.


Taxation services

We provide a wide range of tax consulting services to private companies and individuals, including the preparation of tax reports in accordance with the applicable law. We combine the understanding of our client’s business, innovative solutions, and extensive professional and industry knowledge. This allows us to provide tailored services of the highest quality.

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Legal services

Deloitte’s legal specialists have a deep understanding of industry-specific regulation. They will guide you through all the intricacies to ensure your business remains compliant with all applicable Russian and international legislation.

Our legal team structures e-commerce projects, consolidates and ensures protection of rights to intangible assets, provides legal support to fintech and crypto projects, supports hi-tech investments – and a lot more.

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Audit & Assurance

We believe that audit is about much more than just the numbers. It is about taking a closer look at your business to see what is done and what is to be done, to evaluate its growth potential. 

During an audit we check the financial statements of Russian companies for compliance with Russian and international standards, helping them to achieve their business objectives, strengthen the risk management, and improve transparency.

Quality is our first priority: our teams are industry-focused and equipped with proprietary IT tools to be able to focus on your company’s specific problem areas with utmost accuracy. To create maximum value, we additionally provide you with a range of analytics and market intelligence.

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Whatever the market your company operates in and however difficult the business environment – Deloitte has the unique expertise and experience, innovative thinking, cutting-edge technology, and individual approach to help you solve your problems and achieve your goals. On board Deloitte’s consulting team we have specialists in strategy, operations, technology, and personnel management who will offer effective solutions for your business.

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Risk management services

Risk is always more than a threat – there is always an opportunity behind it to gain advantage over the competition and increase the company’s value. 

We help our clients tackle complex and urgent business tasks while mitigating the associated risks, ensuring business continuity, and expanding opportunities for long-term growth.

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Financial Advisory

In today’s highly complex international market environment it is essential to have a trusted advisor. Our team of experts can guide you through the complexities of M&A transactions, asset valuation, financial investigations, business restructuring, and corporate governance.

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Innovations: make the cutting edge technology your edge

Our approach to innovation goes far beyond the advanced tools or technology: we embrace innovation as a mindset and a part of our culture.

Digital technologies are changing the face of business. We know how to use the digital solutions to gain new benefits. Deloitte’s Digital Services team will help you develop and implement a digital strategy. Deloitte Digital combines Deloitte's experience in business transformation and technology implementation with the competencies of an international-level digital marketing agency.


Deloitte developed a full-range service offering for family businesses

We fine-tune our services to your needs.

In a family business, relations between family members, the assets they hold, and the functions they perform may get complicated. Effective governance can empower family businesses to create synergies out of these relations instead of being slowed down by them.

Global family business survey 2019

Family businesses tend to lean toward a long-term view rooted in shared values, vision and culture, which can help them maintain family control over years. However, family ownership, by itself, doesn’t guarantee a business’s longevity. 

In the survey, Deloitte interviewed 791 executives from 58 countries about the challenges and opportunities they are currently facing.

Learn more in our survey

Global perspectives for private companies: Agility in changing markets

In many ways, there’s never been a better time to be a private company. Technological advances have brought private businesses closer to their customers, globalization has granted greater access to once remote markets, and a new generation of talent is bringing fresh thinking into strategy. However, market changes like cyberattacks, trade tensions and geopolitical uncertainty can pose risks to growth.

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Private company issues and opportunities

Global considerations for 2019

Many people think of disruption as something to avoid. But in today’s competitive business environment, disruption can be a real positive—if you are embracing it and capitalizing on the opportunities it creates. Across the world, that’s the reality for many private companies. Explore the articles in this report from Deloitte US to learn more.

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Income tax advisory and compliance services

Ongoing legislative and regulatory changes, along with an increased tax authority focus on high net worth individuals, create a demanding environment for private companies and owners seeking to understand their tax liabilities and risks. Deloitte is experienced in addressing the complex relationships among the private business enterprise, its owners, family offices, and employees of the business enterprise or family office. Deloitte helps private companies and their owners evaluate the potential tax consequences of various business and personal wealth decisions, keeping tax, business and personal objectives in mind. Deloitte can also advise on changes in the tax and economic climate, and help resolve disputes with tax authorities.

Next-generation family businesses: Exploring business ecosystems

For many family-owned companies, business relationships used to be limited to a handful of players within the same industry—and often also within the same geographical region. While this model may have proved successful in the past, today’s dynamic business environment calls it into question.

To examine this trend, the Deloitte Family Business Center polled current and future family business leaders and unravelled the following key findings:

  • Ecosystems offer opportunities for growth and innovation
  • Third-party interactions have increased, with innovation a key goal
  • Leaders value asset and intellectual property (IP) ownership, which may drive a preference for acquisitions
  • Leaders may need to educate their families about the potential for digital transformation

The challenge for family businesses today is to learn how to thrive in the rapidly changing business ecosystems, while preserving their identity as a business and their cohesion as a family.

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Next-generation family business leaders are ready to thrive in a disruptive environment

Long-term trends, driven by public policy and exponential rates of change in the digital infrastructure, are changing the very foundations of the global business. In this disruptive environment, family businesses need to challenge themselves – and this is an important responsibility for the next generation of family business leaders.

Deloitte has many assets for serving families and their businesses: a focused cross-border Family Business leadership team in EMEA and globally, a network of family business champions on the field, and a number of eminent thought leaders across the network, all supported by a regional Family Business Centre acting as a knowledge and research catalyst.

Next-generation family business leaders

Ready to thrive in a disruptive environment

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