Electronic document flow


Electronic document flow


Electronic document flow (EDF) is about moving documents into paperless form where electronic document signed by digital signature is fully legally binding, doesn’t requires hard copy’ original at all and accepted by authorities as compliant.

The last few years have seen a robust and consistent development of the EDF technologies encouraged both by the businesses and controlling authorities.  The degree of document digitalisation, however, varies in the business community: while some companies are applying paperless technologies across the entire value chain, others are only getting to think about implementing them. There are businesses that still use EDF software to work with scanned copies only, having their own reasons against going paperless. Deloitte can add value to all of such businesses offering personalised services tailored to address the evolving digitisation needs and developing flexible custom solutions.

Service offering

Pre-implementation services

Although the respective regulations are well developed, paperless technologies are relatively young. Their relevance, safety, and usability are still questioned across many industries despite obvious advantages noted by the major Russian players already using the electronic solutions.

This makes pre-implementation analysis critical for assessing the risks and benefits and developing a detailed action plan tailored to your company’s specific needs.

Our specialists will be happy to assist you in analysing your company’s external and internal readiness to going paperless. The analysis will include a review of your technologies, organisational structure, and internal processes, as well as the readiness of your counterparties, third parties, and controlling authorities.

We can also perform a qualitative analysis of the financial impact from implementing the paperless technologies, assessing their cost-effectiveness and calculating the required nonrecurring and permanent project investment.

Following the pre-implementation analysis, we will help develop a tailored transition concept and roadmap that will ensure that you achieve your targets in a cost-efficient manner and using the best available practices.

Integrating paperless technologies into business processes

Going paperless requires a number of preparatory activities.

Your current business processes will need to be adjusted, new document formats developed, internal policies amended, commercial processes and counterparty/third party interaction protocols modified. Having an extensive hands-on experience of transforming business processes, we can ease your transition by engaging the required resources, managing the task-setting, and ensuring a timely involvement of stakeholders.

Having decided to go paperless, the companies face the challenge of choosing project operators and providers of system implementation, integration, and maintenance services.  It is highly critical to choose the right vendor that would be able to ensure the seamless integration of new processes into your IT architecture and operational environment. You can benefit from our in-depth knowledge of the paperless market to avoid unnecessary enhancements and labour costs, as we will help you choose the appropriate integration models, e-signature, e-operator systems, internal controls, and business processes.

We will assist you with the RFP development, testing, and go-live to make sure that all systems run well, the stakeholders are ready, and the deadlines are met.

Existing systems upgrade

If you have already gone paperless, you are probably asking yourself these questions: How can I expand my paperless capacities? Has going paperless led to any legal, tax or accounting implications? Are the new business processes running effectively enough? Has the data transfer security been ensured? Are the IT internal controls reliable?

To answer them all, our experts would be happy to perform a comprehensive full-scale analysis of your paperless processes to identify room for further improvement, develop risk mitigation recommendations, and propose new process continuity solutions.

Furthermore, we have legal competencies to assist you with settling the public authorities claims’ and proving the validity of electronic documents and signatures in legal and commercial disputes. 

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Anna Klimova

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Elizabeth Livke

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Artem Andreyuk


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