Global Investment and Innovation Incentives


Global Investment and Innovation Incentives

Federal and regional authorities provide multiple support opportunities for the taxpayers, from tax reliefs to direct subsidies and grants.  

At the same time, claiming or obtaining them independently may prove a daunting task: the regulatory framework is quite complicated, the rules and procedures – often confusing, and a number of other roadblocks often arise in practice.  


A comprehensive approach

Our team is ready to help you select and obtain the support measures that your organisation needs most. To do that, we will

  • examine the benefits and incentives available for your particular type of business
  • calculate potential savings and estimate the resources required to implement the selected support measures
  • evaluate practicability of implementing the selected support measures
  • develop an approach to claiming and implementing support measures to maximise potential savings
  • identify risks and develop mitigation solutions
  • handle government relations
  • prepare all paperwork (business plans, financial models, reports, computations, tax policy amendments)
  • provide support during tax audits related to support measures
  • together with Deloitte’s Dispute Resolution team, support your organisations in tax disputes.

Your opportunities


If your company…
You can…

invests in fixed assets, 

claim an investment allowance and/or regional tax benefits (reduction of the regional components of the CIT or property tax)

plans to invest into manufacture of goods,

enter into a regional investment contract (RIP) and take advantage of the CIT and property tax preferences

plans to invest into development and/or implementation of modern technologies,

become party to a special-purpose investment contract (SPIC) and claim lower CIT, property, and transport tax rates and grandfathering of benefits

conducts research in prioritised science and technology areas and puts its results to commercial use,

become a Skolkovo resident and avail of respective tax preferences (CIT, VAT, property tax, and lower social contribution rates)

incurs R&D costs,

receive a ‘super-deduction’ – a 150-percent capital allowance for your R&D capital expenditure

operates in the IT industry, 

ax maneuver: lower CIT and social contributions rates and VAT exemption on sale of Russian software

is an SME and/or operates in an industry hit by COVID-19,     

use COVID-19-related tax stimulus (property, transport, and land tax benefits and rent relief)

plans to operate in the Far East, Kaliningrad Region or other territories accommodating special economic zones (SEZ)/territories of advanced social and economic development (TASED), 

claim relevant preferences offered to the residents of SEZ, TASED and Free Port of Vladivostok: CIT and property tax benefits, lower social contribution rates, VAT exemption, access to a free customs zone, etc.

contemplates projects in the Russian Arctic,

become a resident of the Russian Arctic zone and claim the respective incentives (CIT and MET benefits and other non-tax support measures).

Our expertise

The Tax Benefits & Government Incentives group is a team of professionals ready to assist you with claiming and implementing a variety of government support measures in Russia.

We boast a successful 15-year track-record of effective project delivery, helping our clients across industries to use opportunities offered by the federal and regional governments.

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Artem Vasyutin

Artem Vasyutin

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Emil Baburov

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