Media consumption in Russia – 2016

Key trends

We are pleased to present the results of our second comprehensive study of media consumption in Russia.

The Russian Internet audience is increasing due to usage in the regions, in smaller population centres and by the older generation.

This may have a number of consequences for Internet companies:

  • firstly, new socio-demographic groups emerge as potential users of existing services (products for children and pensioners and others);
  • secondly, companies with mass-audience services, such as search engines, have been forced to look at adapting their developments and interfaces to the demands of different people – users with slower connections or more expensive connections, younger users who need to be protected from dangerous content, older people who are not yet particularly aware of Internet-fraud and other common network threats.

In our report, we have tried to reflect the latest trends in the media consumption market through public surveys and in-depth interviews with representatives from leading high-tech, telecommunications and entertainment companies and the Russian mass media.

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