Медиапотребление в России – 2017


Media consumption in Russia

Growth in media consumption during large sport events

We are pleased to present the results of our third comprehensive study of media consumption in Russia.

Recent years have seen major changes in the structure of media consumption as a result of the evolving Internet. Network technology has transformed the way people communicate and consume media content, spurring the rise and growth of new tools and solutions across the advertising industry. Businesses have enthusiastically engaged in developing new  forms of customer communications while actively expanding their advertising budgets for this segment. However, this rush for customers has triggered a massive and aggressive flow of online advertising that seems to be facing resistance from  audiences. As a result, the past two years have seen a dramatic decline in tolerance for advertising, with users starting to take steps to curb this trend.

Despite this, online advertising still has a huge potential. However, it requires an appropriate approach to audience segmentation, as well as the use of tailored content. Therefore, tracking the media preferences of Russians plays an important role in this context. There is also another area of research aimed at identifying patterns of how audiences consume media content during large sporting events. Such large-scale events offer plenty of opportunities for businesses in terms of both boosting sales and positioning their brands, locally and abroad. The changes we have identified in media consumption trends could be useful for companies as they plan their strategy and look at their future opportunities for 2018, particularly when it comes to the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. 

With the use of data collection and analysis methods that combine both the qualitative (i.e. focus groups and interviews) and quantitative (the nationwide survey) approaches, we have been able to obtain a deeper understanding of the trends, mapping some potential areas where these findings can be leveraged by the market. 

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