Scaling Edges lab

Shape a clear and shared vision of your future business

In our Scaling Edges Lab we help you discover business opportunities of the future. Innovating products is important, but innovating your core business is vital for the long-term survival of your business.

Do you know what factors will be determining your business model in ten years’ time? Technology, society, and business are changing – and so are you. Developments that are really relevant for your organization don't occur in its heart, but on its periphery. Indeed, your future business is on the edge of your current business. 


Our Scaling Edges Labs unfold along the lines of exploration, prototyping and scaling. In a series of sessions, we help you shape a clear and shared vision of what your future business could look like. We establish a platform for change by illuminating the kinds of transformations that might be necessary and/or possible. What trends and themes do you think are most relevant for your organization? What elements from your industry ecosystem can you leverage? Together, we identify potential players and sources of value on the edges of your business.  


With a Scaling Edges Lab, we help you to put innovative ideas into action. We assist you through the fuzzy front end of innovation. We harness the involvement of c-level sponsorship, which makes implementation easier after completion of the scaling edge lab. Edge ideas must be brought to life. What prototypes are you going to build and test in five weeks, five months or five years from now? Begin to scale your idea into a new source in the organization.