Digital Law & IP

Deloitte Legal assists in a variety of legal aspects due to digitization of business. As the implementation of tech-related solutions has become vital in the core business of most organizations, we are helping our clients navigating through the increasingly complex legal landscape in a compliant manner.

Our services

As we are cooperating with lawyers within the Deloitte network worldwide, we may offer legal solutions covering a wide range of jurisdictions in order to promote synergy to the digital business operations of the organization. Our Digital Law & IP services include:

  • Laws and regulations related to Privacy & Data Protection (GDPR)
  • Data Retention-Big Data & Open Data
  • Data Structuring/Governance & Data Transfers
  • Laws and regulations regarding internet and internet related technologies 
Intellectual Property & Trade Secrets
  • Copyrights-Trademarks-Designs
  • Data base rights
  • Domain name rights 
  • IT-contracting (Saas, Paas, IaaS)
  • Algorithm ownership
  • Software development Digital platform/ecosystems contracts
  • Legal implications of new technologies

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Lisa Bastholm

Lisa Bastholm

Senior Manager | Deloitte Legal

Lisa is head of the Digital Law division of Deloitte Legal Sweden, and is a lawyer specializing in data protection and IT law. She regularly advises Swedish and International clients in a variety of l... Mer