Mergers and Acquisitions

From conceiving strategy to selecting the right partner…From conducting thorough due diligence to closing the deal…From beginning to end, Deloitte addresses your transactions, integration, and separation needs, all with the goal of generating value for your organization.

Bringing organizations together through mergers and acquisitions, or carving them out through separations and divestitures, are among the most complex business activities an organization will undertake. The transformational results from a successful transaction can be game-changing—while the risks associated with underperformance or failure are sure to keep executives up at night.

When the stakes are this high, there’s no reason to leave anything to chance. With more than 6,000 M&A professionals in over 150 countries, Deloitte is uniquely placed to advise strategic corporate buyers and private equity investors throughout the entire M&A deal lifecycle. Our range of services and solutions address your integration, consolidation and separation needs throughout the lifecycle of the transaction.

Enhance your competitive advantage before, during, and after the transaction with the power of Deloitte’s proprietary M&A analytics platform iDeal. Its rich data provides deeper intelligence for better-informed decision-making during the due-diligence, negotiation, and post-deal phases.

Whether your organization is focused on tactical growth, business rationalization, or cost reduction, our strategies and solutions are designed to generate maximum value for the business and its shareholders.

Leveraging our professionals’ industry-leading knowledge and powerful, data-driven insights, Deloitte’s M&A Strategy & Diligence service will guide you through the key business and risk-management processes, before, during and after a transaction.

Our Strategic Cost Transformation service helps organizations identify and realize sustainable cost efficiencies across the enterprise in times of restructuring and reorganization. Deloitte’s deep sector experience, enhanced by impactful data analysis, enables clients to derive optimal value from the transaction.

Our professionals will also strategize, design, and implement end-to-end solutions for successful transactions, from advance-planning to post-transaction restructuring. They’ll help you drive performance and results in every key M&A-related function: project management, commercial activity optimization, operations and supply chain, IT systems, human capital management, and finance activities.

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Martin Eriksson

Martin Eriksson

Director | Strategy, Analytics and M&A

Martin Eriksson leads the Consulting M&A services and team in Sweden, focusing on post-merger integrations, separations and legal re-structuring. He brings over fifteen years of professional experienc... Mer