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What makes Deloitte's M&A service offerings different?

Anyone involved in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) knows every deal is different and the path to success is, by definition, always unique. Whether it’s your first deal or you’re an M&A veteran, Deloitte M&A Services provides established strategies to build on and the expertise to help you create the unique approach you’ll need to achieve your vision and deliver the value you want from your deal.

M&A Services: The future of the deal​

The best deals continue generating value long after the ink dries, but with business more complex and unpredictable than ever before, it’s never been more challenging to craft deals that set the stage for long-term success. The ability to anticipate and adapt is absolutely essential but it requires new levels of innovation—in data, in analytics, in the cloud, and in every phase of the deal and beyond. This is where Deloitte can make all the difference. We help dealmakers get the insights they need at every step, faster, and we help make sure you’re prepared to move at a moment’s notice.​

Deloitte M&A Services: Deep capabilities at every phase of the deal​

Deals are complicated enough without adding the complexity of working with different providers at different phases. When you choose to work with Deloitte, you’ll work with an advisor who is uniquely prepared to deliver a consistent level of quality across the entire transaction lifecycle.​

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Charting new horizons: M&A and the path to thrive

Are you thinking about how your company can handle global issues such as rising inflation rates and the growing importance of sustainability?
Against a backdrop of changing global issues, it has become pertinent to rethink M&A strategies. Deloitte has therefore reassessed the latest M&A defensive and offensive strategies for businesses and offers a framework within which to:

  • Build a resilient company
  • Charge the growth engine

Within the report, industry specific insights regarding M&A pathways are also offered for:

  • Energy, Resources & Industrials
  • Consumer & Automotive
  • Life Sciences & Health Care
  • Financial Services
  • Technology, Media & Telecom

Transaktionstrender i en föränderlig värld vittnar om framtidens M&A-aktivitet

M&A-transaktioner förväntas ha en viktig roll när företag återhämtar sig i det volatila ekonomiska klimat som råder. Deloittes undersökning visar att företagsledare är optimistiska, då en majoritet förväntar sig att M&A-aktiviteten kommer att återgå till liknande nivåer som före pandemins utbrott inom ett års tid.

Framgångsrik M&A i osäkra tider genom offensiva och defensiva strategier

Pågående pandemi medför strukturella förändringar och återhämtningen förväntas ske i varierande takt över regioner och sektorer. Under perioder med hög osäkerhet har M&A-transaktioner historiskt sett skapat betydande värde vilket vi ser tydliga tecken på vara fallet även denna gång.

Digitalisering och IT – en möjlighet i M&A-processer

Separationer och integrationer är komplexa M&A-aktiviteter där IT ofta utgör en stor utmaning, samtidigt som det är en förutsättning för en lyckad affär. Vad bör ni ha i åtanke för att lyckas med IT-utmaningen i era separationer och integrationer? Vi presenterar tre trender och tillhörande tips för att framgångsrikt hantera IT i M&A-processen.

Executing the deal – Seller’s perspective

Signing the deal to buy or sell a company is often the most memorable moment for those involved in an M&A transaction. However, after signing closing procedures need to be executed. In this article we will take a closer look at the execution of the deal – as seen from the Seller’s perspective.

The state of the deal: M&A trends 2020

Will the M&A market remain strong in 2020? And which mergers and acquisitions trends will shape the year ahead? Our annual survey takes a closer look at M&A activity, with insight and perspective from corporations and private equity firms.

Introduction to divestiture strategy and operating models

Even with buyers and sellers on the same page, business divestitures can stall unexpectedly, frustrating all parties. Developing an interim operating model as part of the divestiture strategy can help minimize risk and surprise, paving the way for a faster, less disruptive sign-to-close transition.

The critical roles of five M&A stakeholders

Five key M&A stakeholders can significantly impact the mergers and acquisitions process — and the ultimate value of the deal. Successful M&A deal makers emphasize the importance of getting the right stakeholders involved at the right time.

Less experienced acquirers can enhance their likelihood of success by gleaning insight from those with time-tested, successful deal-making track records. One key element to achieving the value creation that is envisioned at the start of the process: having the right people and teams in place.

Integrating to add value in asset management M&A

Thoughtful integration can become a primary catalyst for improving enterprise value. This paper explores areas of effective integration opportunities, based on three primary conclusions, to help asset management firms unlock value through selective integration.

M&A Integrations: A better path to value creation through M&A

M&A is a crucial route to growth for investment and wealth managers. Yet as the sector rapidly consolidates, the examples of integrations genuinely delivering the potential benefits of M&A remain elusive.

We explore the six common areas of concern that should be top of mind in all investment and wealth manager M&A projects and provide a path to getting each one right.

Driving innovation in investment management

Investors looking for innovation and new digital platforms continue to drive increased funding for investment-related technology companies.  This report takes a closer look at the growth of both start-ups and mature invest-techs, and why investment management firms are looking to partner, acquire, or collaborate to strengthen their digital capabilities.

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