The UnSustainability Report 2023

What is slowing down the green transition?

A Geelmuyden Kiese and Deloitte joint report shows 10 factors stopping the sustainability revolution – and how we can start to overcome them.

Sweden aims to have zero net greenhouse gas emissions by 2045, effectively making it the first carbon neutral OECD country. Yet major challenges remain.

In order to move forward, we need to know what is holding us back. This is why Deloitte, in collaboration with Geelmuyden Kiese (GK), has produced the UnSustainability Report outlining ten concrete factors slowing the green transition in Sweden. 

The report might make for uncomfortable reading. But the best plans, targets, and goals will amount to nothing if we don’t have the courage to recognise and then tackle the things which are holding us back.  

The ten factors which our research and analysis showed are limiting our collective implementation of the green transition span consumers, business, legislation, and the public sector: 

  1. Uncertainty in tax and laws concerning corporate greenhouse gas reduction obligations (reduktionsplikt) 
  2. Bottlenecks in Swedish electricity networks 
  3. Time-consuming processes for environmental permits 
  4. Political decisions being discontinued 
  5. Underdeveloped charging infrastructure 
  6. Laws and rules that hinder circularity 
  7. Obsolete taxes and rules 
  8. Unregulated market for micro-mobility 
  9. Tax exempt fossil marine fuels 
  10. Conservative detailed plans 

In other words, all of us have something to learn from this report. We’ve made great strides – but to get to where we want to be, we need to understand, analyse, and overcome these factors. To that end, GK and Deloitte have come together to produce reports for Denmark, Norway, and Sweden – each containing 10 factors holding back the green transition in each of these nations. 

With launches in all three geographies – Denmark, Norway, and Sweden – and the accompanying 30 factors, there is now a significant evidence base to unlock the sustainable agenda we all want to see. We’re excited for businesses, governments, and society to engage with and respond to these findings. 



Helena Nordström
Director, ESG Strategy & Transformation 
+46 70 080 41 21

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