Life at Deloitte

Meet two of our stars Karin and Fabian and read about what they do, and why they thrive within Innovation & Ventures

It’s exciting to be involved in developing clients’ businesses

Karin Larsson is a Senior Management Consultant within Monitor Deloitte’s Innovation & Ventures offering. She has a MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management from Linköping University.

Karin started at Deloitte three years ago and among other things, she has helped clients in exploring new business opportunities, doing market research and finding potential acquisitions to accelerate businesses. As an example, she developed, tested and evaluated a completely new service for one of Sweden’s major retailers. Her tasks included interviews with experts, customers and store managers, analyzing the business potential and coordinating a pilot of the service run both online and in physical stores.

Except for amazing colleagues, the opportunities to grow, being challenged and gradually receiving more responsibility are all contributing reasons why Karin thrives at Monitor Deloitte Innovation & Ventures. Working closely in teams with senior colleagues has given Karin the possibility to have a steep learning curve and receive the guidance and support she needs in her daily work.

Namn: Karin Larsson

Titel: Senior Consultant

Team: Innovation & Ventures

The best of both worlds - benefit from having the responsibility, insight and intimacy of a start-up, but also the international network, resources and expertise of a large corporation

Fabian Mattsson is an Analyst within Monitor Deloitte’s Innovation & Ventures offering. He holds a BSc in Management with specialisation in Finance from Warwick University and a MSc in Management from The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

Fabian started his journey at Deloitte one year ago with a 3 week introduction and training program, which allowed him to bond with his new colleagues and to start forming new skills to his consulting toolbox. Shortly after this, he was put on a project where he conducted a market entry assessment for a global medical device company. His tasks ranged from assisting in interviewing industry experts and performing market research to examine the market potential and presenting the analysis for the client.

What truly sets the Monitor Deloitte’s Innovation & Ventures team apart from other firms is the unique opportunity to gain access to the international network, resources and expertise of large corporation, whilst benefitting from having the responsibility, insight and intimacy of a start-up. Working in such context together with awesome colleagues for some of the Nordics most renowned companies is a significant reason of why Fabian enjoys working here.

Namn: Fabian Mattsson

Titel: Business Analyst

Team: Innovation & Ventures

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