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Residence permits and work permits for your employees

Deloitte is a certified agent with the Swedish Migration Agency regarding work permits and residence permits. Deloitte was one of the first companies to become certified by the Swedish Migration Agency when the Migration Agency introduced the certified process in 2011.

The certification is a ”fast track” which means that Deloitte should receive a decision within 10 working days from the day the applications is filed related to fresh applications and 20 working days for application for extended work and residence permits. Since applications filed under the certified process should be 100% complete, ready for decision and should result in a positive decision, Deloitte puts great emphasis in the quality of the applications that we file. We have a comprehensive review process in order to ensure the quality in our applications, advice and services. The services under the certified process is an end to end services, whereby Deloitte can assist with the whole process from collecting the information and filing the application to union statement, job advertisement and residence permit card.

We provide immigration services in almost all areas within the immigration field such as:

  • Work and residence permits
  • ICT-permit
  • EU-Blue card
  • Residence permits for family members
  • Schengen visa
  • Risk analysis and health checks
  • Appeals to the Migration Courts
  • Advisory services


Global Immigration Services

Deloitte also provides global immigration services in 135 different countries with over 1 500 immigration specialists. Deloitte has, through our alliance with Berry Appleman & Leiden LLP (BAL LLP), over 700 immigration specialist in the United States spread out over 8 different offices. We assist many multinational organizations with their immigration needs and ensure that the business and individual remain compliant with their immigration obligations at all times. We are able to provide assistance with regards to all aspects of global moves including operational, advisory and strategic advice. One approach, one service and delivered by one global service delivery model.

Please contact us for more information how we can assist you with your immigration needs.

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