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Labor law

Posted Worker’s Directive (PWD), contracts and legal requirements

Registration of posted workers in Sweden and Europe

According to the Posted Workers Directive (PWD) companies with employees posted to other countries (than their home country) need to take into consideration host country labor law requirements. In Sweden foreign employers must report postings and a contact person with the Swedish Work Environment Authority. This registration for postings to Sweden is mandatory for all posting companies, i.e. not limited to companies within the EU/EEA.

The requirement to register is sanctioned in different ways in various countries within the EU and there are different approaches as to when registrations are needed. Hence, it is important for employers to track the travel pattern of their employees (business travelers, commuters, etc.) to be able to comply with the registration and reporting requirements in each country.

Employment law

Today's multinational organizations need a combination of HR- and legal advisors who can assist them with day-to-day activities as well as larger employment law related events. Many organizations also require to be assisted simultaneously in many jurisdictions. The employment law desk of Deloitte Legal in Sweden have a long standing reputation for helping clients to address employment law related issues, both cross border and locally. The employment law desk consists of experienced lawyers who work together with other Deloitte professionals to guide you through your project in a coordinated way.

We frequently serve our clients within the following areas:

  • Legal compliance analysis in relation to Swedish labor law.
  • Drafting of employment agreements, secondment agreements and termination agreements.
  • Drafting and legal review of employee handbooks and deployment policies.
  • Legal assistance in relation to termination of employment and downsizing of organizations.
  • Labor law assistance in relation to mergers and acquisitions.

For enquiries regarding employment law or generally to discuss how the professionals of Deloitte Legal can help your organization, please contact Johan Mikaelsson.

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