REsilience Webinar Series | REimagining customer engagement

The REsilience Series shares aspirations and real examples of how business leaders across Asia Pacific are accelerating innovation and transformation during the COVID-19 pandemic to position more competitively for the future.

Each episode features leaders from different markets in Asia Pacific, with an initial focus on China based-business executives, where COVID-19 has moved past its peak and businesses are beginning to return to normalcy, to share their perspectives.

The April 23rd episode focuses on how businesses in Asia Pacific rewrote the customer engagement playbook during COVID-19. Our panel of esteemed guests share insights on new business models, routes-to-market, and innovations, which were deployed during the crisis, many of which could lay the foundation for their businesses to thrive into the future.

REsilience Webinar Series | REimagining customer engagement


  • Welcome and introduction: Vivian Jiang, Clients & Industries Leader, Deloitte Asia Pacific
  • Economist Briefing: Sitao Xu, Deloitte China Chief Economist 
  • Panel Discussion: How have businesses adjusted Customer Engagement and Digital Marketing approach in response to COVID-19?

    • Moderated by Peter Sedivy, Digital Leader Deloitte Asia Pacific
    • Alastair Symington, CEO, Blackmores
    • Jun Fang, VP Data & Digital, Unilever
    • Alexander Chiu, Medical Director, AXA Hong Kong
    • Leora Nevezie, Partner, Deloitte Digital

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