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ASEAN Para Games 2015 Blog

Pin Xiu’s story

Team Singapore swimmer and former Clients & Markets Intern, Yip Pin Xiu, shares her excitement of competing in front of a home crowd at the 8th ASEAN Para Games.

18 November 2015

Pin Xiu’s story
Yip Pin Xiu, Clients & Markets Intern (2014) & Team Singapore swimmer

I have been swimming competitively for 11 years now but I have never, in these 11 years, competed in a major games in Singapore. This year, the opportunity that I have been eagerly waiting for is here! With the 8th ASEAN Para Games round the corner, I will finally have the chance to experience the excitement and adrenalin of competing in front of the home crowd.

Swimming is a very important part of who I am. It has transformed me from a quiet and reserved child to someone who is outgoing and confident. It has also taught me many values in life such as determination, respect, punctuality, focus and time management that I would not have fully grasped by sitting in a classroom. You could say that playing sports shaped me into the person I am today, and it is my hope that sports will impact the lives of many others as well.

I have competed in major games such as the Beijing Paralympics in 2008 and the Asian Para Games held in Incheon last year, but this year’s ASEAN Para Games will be the first time in my entire swimming career that my family, friends and supporters will all be able to cheer alongside in the stands at the Games venue. The thought of hearing the loud cheers from my fellow Singaporeans is making me push myself harder during training. I am sure that my Team Singapore teammates are just as motivated as I am to do our best and bring glory to Singapore.

It is also very meaningful that the ASEAN Para Games is being held in Singapore because it gives Singaporeans a chance to witness a regional competition and see the strength of our opponents from all over Southeast Asia. For many Singaporeans, it will be the first time they are exposed to para sports and the Games committee have been organising many activities in the lead up to the Games to actively raise awareness for the disability sports community.

I hope that the Games will inspire Singaporeans to push beyond their limits, and embrace sports and its benefits. Singapore is making great steps towards an inclusive and integrated community. I look forward to sports playing a big role in achieving this goal, and I am proud to have had the chance to intern with Deloitte Singapore, an organisation that backs up this goal and is committed to delivering the dreams of the nation and its community.

With less than a month to the Games, I am filled with anticipation as I prepare myself for my events! I was part of the Team Singapore contingent at the previous ASEAN Para Games held in Myanmar in 2013. During the closing ceremony, when the flag was passed to us as the next host, many of us could not contain our excitement and began to chant ‘Singapore! Singapore!’ The atmosphere was electrifying then, and I am expecting an atmosphere that is more intense come December as we become proud host of the Games.

I am extremely grateful for all the support I have received along the way from the people around me – my family, friends, teammates, sports officials and colleagues from Deloitte. It is your support that keeps me strong and makes me want to fight harder.

Thank you to Deloitte and each of you for your support! I hope to see you all at the Games!

Pin Xiu

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