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Celebrating our people - Bobby Christian

Deloitte SEA has many amazing people and as we celebrate our 175th Anniversary this year, we want to celebrate our people and feature some of them including those who are passionate about their hobbies.  Here, we spotlight Bobby Christian, Deloitte Indonesia Tax Manager, on his passion for music.

1. When did your passion for music start and how did you get into the music scene?

My passion for music started at a tender age of four, when I started piano lessons. My late father was able to play several musical instruments and this served as the biggest encouragement for me. When I was in Junior High School, my passion for music started to grow as I formed a band with my friends and performed at an art festival.

2. Tell us more about the different instruments you play?

The first instrument I played is the piano. I learnt to play the piano for about eight years, and started to feel bored being able to only play one musical instrument. I then bought a guitar and learnt how to play it by myself from several learning sources. After learning how to play the guitar, I went on to other musical instruments such as the drum, bass and the harmonica. I also joined a marching band in High School and played the trombone.

3. What is your favourite genre of music?

I love all genres of music but have a preference listening to pop music. Most of the bands I joined played rock alternatives and blues, but in general, I love to play any kind of music genre.

4. Share with us your experience being in the Deloitte Tax Freak band.

In 2008, the Deloitte Tax Freak band was formed. I joined Deloitte in 2013 and was asked to become an additional keyboard player for the Year End Party. The rehearsal was held at a former partner’s house, and it was tremendous fun. I learnt a lot of techniques from him, and since then, we performed together regularly at events such as the Year End Party and at Deloitte Tax’s yearly outings.

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