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Celebrating our people - Daniel Ng

​Deloitte SEA has many amazing people and as we celebrate our 175th Anniversary this year, we want to salute our longest serving partners.  Here we spotlight retired Audit & Assurance Partner, Daniel Ng, who has led Deloitte Brunei Darussalam for 34 years! Daniel retired on 31 May and has stood down as Country Leader of our Brunei practice but will stay on as Advisor until the end of the year. ​

1.      When did you first join Deloitte and what was your role? 

I joined on 1 April 1986 as the Resident Manager of Brunei Darussalam.

2.      Please share how you have progressed over the years at Deloitte. How has Deloitte helped you in your career development?

I have always enjoyed serving clients. Deloitte provided me with the platform to interact with the community, and allowed me to form connections and get to know many people who have become my friends. Being the head of the firm, I needed to grow the business. It was slow at the beginning but once we got the momentum, we were able to see growth each year. Being able to make good decisions is critical and Deloitte has provided me with the necessary training and guidance. You get better with practice!

3.      How has Deloitte developed over the years? 

The Brunei Darussalam firm has come a long way, from working manually, to digitally, with the capability of being able to work from anywhere. In the past, you had to be in the office or the clients’ place to be able to do your work properly.

I remember having to use pen and paper a lot, such as different coloured pens and different types of paper. I also remember spending hours searching for unbalanced numbers, and having to use numerous pads of paper. In addition, we used calculators, not computers! Of course there was no mobile phone then but we had a great memory of phone numbers!

4.      What do you enjoy most about working at Deloitte?

I enjoy meeting all sorts of people, and having conversations with very skillful tradesmen, simple ordinary people and seeing them become successful. I enjoy meeting with the educated CEOs and General Managers whom I have meaningful conversations with. 

5.      What is the most important lesson that you have learnt at Deloitte?

To persevere.

6.      What is your biggest achievement to date?

The biggest achievement to date would be seeing the firm become the largest in Brunei Darussalam, from a total of three staff in a one unit office space, to now three home grown partners with a total of 70 staff, occupying two floors! Much credit must also be given to the many good people who have contributed to the success.

7.      Please share a little about your hobbies and what you like to do in your free time?

Since young, I have always led an active life by engaging in different types of sports, and getting bruises and cuts from them. I seldom stayed indoors, and this active life style has stuck with me till today. I enjoy a good game of badminton and have been playing the sport for many years now. When I was admitted to the partnership, my mentor partner encouraged me to take up golf. I eventually did many years later, and I enjoy playing golf during the weekends now that my children have grown up. 

8.      What advice would you give to our new hires on how to succeed in their careers as well as personal lives?

Be disciplined, stay on course, there are sprints to be run but ultimately, it is a marathon. Keep interested in your career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortune of times. (Quote from the poem Desiderata by Max Ehrmann). Find time to exercise to keep fit and healthy. 

9.      What would you like to wish Deloitte as we celebrate our 175th Anniversary?

I would like to wish Deloitte continued successes through the culture of making an impact that matters.

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