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Celebrating our people - Pachanan Rattanagowin 

Deloitte SEA has many amazing people.  As we celebrate our 175th Anniversary this year, we want to highlight some of our people who are passionate about helping their communities. We speak to Pachanan Rattanagowin, Deloitte Thailand Risk Advisory Consultant, on how she is volunteering in her community.

1.      Tell us a little about how you are volunteering in your community?

I volunteer in a number of ways and these include:

  • Helping the children at the Foundation for Handicapped Children.  I consider myself lucky in being able to offer monetary support as well as my time and energy to help the handicapped children. 
  • Providing goods and groceries to the residents at the Foundation for the Welfare of the Crippled.  My family and I make frequent trips to the Foundation to help meet some of the needs of the residents.
  • Helping animals in the slaughterhouse and markets.  I have always believed in improving the lives of animals. My family often purchases livestock such as cows from the market to save them from being slaughtered. We then give these animals along with animal food to responsible farmers who will take good care of them. We also buy fish from the market and release them back into the river. 
  • Volunteering at local charity events. I am always open to new opportunities to volunteer at charity events, such as being a volunteer at a locally organised Charity Run.

2.      Why did you decide to do this?  Why is it important to you?

In my opinion, the smile of another person is the best reward I can receive for helping others. Helping others gives me opportunities to gain experiences in life and become a better version of myself.

3.      When did you start doing this? 

I am fortunate to grow up in a family that believes in the importance of volunteering at charitable events.  I joined my parents at these events since I was young and was able to understand the joy we can bring to others. This joy puts a light in my heart.

4.      Please share how does your volunteering help the community?

I believe that building a good community starts with myself. It is my responsibility to create a happy community as I belong to it. If everyone were to think and act good, I believe the community would be filled with happiness.  

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