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Celebrating our people - Zulfariq Zara Zainuddin

Deloitte SEA has many amazing people. As we celebrate our 175th Anniversary, we want to highlight our people who are passionate about helping their communities. We speak to Zulfariq Zara Zainuddin, Deloitte Brunei Audit & Assurance Partner, on how he is volunteering at higher level institutions.

1. Please describe the volunteering that you do and with which institution?

I am an external panel judge for Universiti Teknologi Brunei where I am invited twice a year to be an external judge to assess students’ year-end business proposal projects. I am also part of the industry review panel for the business/accounting degree programs at UTB, and the diploma programs at Politeknik Brunei. In addition, I am currently collaborating with research professionals at UTB to write a paper on the accounting profession in Brunei. 

2. Why did you decide to do this?  Why is it important to you?

I decided to do this about three years ago because it excites me to participate in the “education” process of future business professionals. Also, perhaps in another life, I would’ve wanted to be an academic. 

3. Please share how does your volunteering help the students/institution?  

I hope my contribution brings a real life perspective to students whilst they are preparing to start their careers.

4. Would you encourage other Deloitte staff to also volunteer/contribute to the community and if so, why?

I would encourage all Deloitte staff to take part in any activities that makes a positive impact on our clients, people and communities. 

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