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SEA Games 2015 Blog

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This blog tells the stories of our people who are on the SEA Games 2015 journey. From the management team, to organizing committee, volunteers, and our athletes, each one of them will walk a different path but ultimately it will converge towards a common goal – one of pride and glory, with dreams in hand.

9 February 2015

Noeline’s Story
Noeline Keiser, Clients & Markets Manager and Deloitte SEA Games Volunteer

Life, to me, is not a spectator sport. It is not in my nature to sit back and watch as people and things pass me by. I like to get my hands dirty and be involved. This is the reason I plan events as part of my job. I enjoy working behind the scenes, understanding how the cogs work together to make the wheels turn, and seeing everything coming together for all to enjoy.

This is also why I signed up as a volunteer for the Youth Olympic Games held in Singapore (SYOG) five years ago and once again for the 28th SEA Games happening here in June this year. Even though I am not an athlete, I was and still am determined to be a part of it all, and being in Deloitte gave me that chance.

By volunteering, I am able understand the monumental task of planning, organising and hosting large scale events – something that I can learn and apply in my work. But the reality is that I gain so much more than that.

Looking back at SYOG, despite the many hours of trainings, rehearsals, lost weekends, and how I had to nurse my throbbing, aching feet in the days after, my experience of the time spent with the Deloitte volunteer team holds countless wonderful memories.

We were a well-mixed bag of volunteers, comprising Deloitte employees from all ranks and across different functions. I built good friendships with colleagues whom I would never ordinarily have met, and till now, will always share a smile and a kind word whenever we bump into one another at work.

I also got to see everybody’s fun side; it was nice to witness the staid and professional partners I see in the halls of Deloitte let their hair down and goof around to lighten the mood as we rolled up our sleeves and worked as a team.

Meeting and greeting politicians, ministers and celebrities were part and parcel of our duty as VIP ushers at SYOG. Even though I was star struck, I remember feeling very touched when these very important people shook our hands and thanked us personally - an important affirmation that we did our job well. One big highlight was when I plucked up my courage and introduced myself to the very dashing Prince of Denmark! How often does one meet a prince?! It was definitely a dream come true for me!

For the SEA Games, I believe that the experience will be very different yet very similar. Different because of the scale and atmosphere – while on a smaller scale compared to SYOG, it promises an atmosphere much greater because it coincides with Singapore’s Golden Jubilee celebrations. Similar because the camaraderie and unity among the Deloitte volunteers will be just as strong and we will band together to contribute to the nation and show our support for local sports.

Sports play a big part in my family. All my children were encouraged to adopt a sporty lifestyle - to keep healthy and to pick up lessons of teamwork, sportsmanship and perseverance from playing a sport. In fact, on weekends, I support and train together with my youngest son who is part of a youth football league. It is a time for me to bond with him and for me to exercise and stay fit.

My wish for the Singapore sports scene in the next 50 years and beyond is for us to continue to build competitiveness in sports and for the next generation to take part in sports actively from a young age because it has many valuable lessons to share.

I am really looking forward to the upcoming SEA Games and, if I am still able to, I would love to raise my hand up to volunteer at the next big sporting event that comes our way.


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