2021 SEA Impact Report

At Deloitte SEA, our purpose has long been to make an impact that matters for our clients, our people and our communities.

In the last financial year, this is something that we have had to examine in even greater detail. We have worked to understand how we might continue to make a positive impact under each of our corporate responsibility and sustainability pillars, ensuring our connections remain strong and our thinking clear, so that we achieve our commitments. The results shown in this report are a reflection of that work.

This year saw us harness our people’s skills and deep expertise to deliver the multidisciplinary strategies and solutions our clients needed to remain resilient throughout the early stages of the pandemic. We accelerated our digital adoption by further investing in cutting-edge technology, helping us to maintain and elevate the quality of our work. We also safeguarded our business through careful investment and resilient leadership. Now, as a new wave of COVID-19 forces many governments to impose more restrictions, we can feel confident that the foundation we have built will allow us to not only weather but grow in these challenging times.

While we navigate these uncertainties, we also remain committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our people. Our values guarantee support for those undergoing hardship, provide opportunities to those looking to aspire, and lead us to fight discrimination that hinders growth. We understand that it is an organisation’s responsibility to protect its people – especially in times of stress – and this is a responsibility we take very seriously.

At Deloitte SEA, we use our scale and knowledge to help our partners decarbonise their businesses to address climate change and ensure sustainable practices are standard business practices, not just ambitions. With a focus on skills, education, and inclusion, we have also been helping to tackle inequality across SEA.

This report contains only a fraction of the work Deloitte SEA strives to do to deliver better results for our clients, people, and the planet. It offers a time to look back at where we have been, and in so doing, reaffirm where we want to be in the years to come. We thank you for your support and look forward to continuing this journey together.

Philip Yuen
Chief Executive Officer, Deloitte SEA

A message from the Chairman

Deloitte has always positioned corporate responsibility and strategy at the centre of our global commitment. This year’s SEA annual review is intended to not only document our progress but to hold ourselves accountable to our purpose and shared values. With that in mind, I am exceptionally proud of the work we have done so far.

Although we faced a multitude of challenges during the previous year, we were able to close this financial year with strong growth because our teams across the region worked collaboratively to ensure the sustainability of our business. It was a solid demonstration of our collective strength across our region. When we pull together, we can live up to our purpose of making an impact that matters, even in challenging times.

At the same time, we continued our three-pronged approach to combating climate change as part of our WorldClimate initiative. That starts with ensuring our house is in order, then inspiring our people to take action, and finally engaging with our alliance partners so they can do the same. By adopting innovative technologies, approaches and digital solutions, we are taking the necessary steps to solve the complex and urgent problems presented by climate change.

In addition to our work on environmental issues, we have made great strides to tackle social problems. Our organisation’s country offices stood up to fulfil Deloitte’s core values by donating their resources and expertise to governments and local hospitals, supported by generous donations from Deloitte employees and partners towards local relief efforts during the course of the financial year.

We have continued our commitment to advancing the welfare of our communities by once again turning the promise of our WorldClass initiative into action. Our work guarantees that underprivileged children can access the education they deserve to achieve better outcomes. The efforts of our Deloitte SEA people also helped ensure that we will fulfil our commitment to support 100 million people worldwide and 5 million people here in SEA by 2030.

With these accomplishments behind us, we can and should expect even greater things ahead. As we empower our people and our clients to take action in everything they do, a better and more sustainable future for all becomes not only possible, but certain.

Michael Fiore
Chairman, Deloitte SEA