Global Chinese Services group


Global Chinese Services group

Helping companies’ inbound and outbound investment in China

With more than 130 locations around the world and spanning six continents, Deloitte’s Global Chinese Services group (GCSG) assists foreign companies which are investing and operating in China. It also works closely with mainland Chinese companies seeking overseas expansion and other opportunities.

Deloitte Southeast Asia’s arm of the Global Chinese Services group (SEA CSG) coordinates with GCSG’s Chinese network to assist both inbound and outbound investments in China. On one hand, the SEA CSG helps Southeast Asian companies implement cross-border investment strategies and navigate the associated risks in terms of market entry, mergers & acquisitions or optimisation of existing operations.

Meanwhile, as the Chinese outbound M&A investments have been increasing, SEA GCSG also supports Chinese multinational companies which are either seeking to enter the Southeast Asian markets or to expand their current operations by raising capital or engaging in mergers and acquisitions in Southeast Asia region.