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Decisions magazine - Issue 12

Want to satisfy your wanderlust by working overseas, and pick up global knowledge and industry skills at the same time? Apply to join the Young Talent Programme (YTP) today!

The programme is available to all Deloitte Singapore interns. Through the programme, you will gain work opportunities in overseas markets with Singapore-based Deloitte clients and gain valuable work experience that will prepare you for a successful career.

Here Yeo Shu Qi, a Nanyang Technology University Accountancy undergraduate, shares more about her overseas experience in Deloitte Vietnam as a Mergers & Acquisition intern.


What was it like working for Deloitte Vietnam?

During my internship in Vietnam in 2018, I worked on corporate finance projects such as the preparation of proposals and conducting market research. Although, the learning curve was steep, I was fortunate to have helpful and friendly colleagues who never fail to give me advice and guide me through my projects.

What was the most memorable part of your internship?

The best part of my internship is being immersed in the inclusive Deloitte culture. Interns are entrusted with real responsibilities at Deloitte and we are always welcomed to join department parties and company trips. I remember having a catch-up session with my mentor on my first week to set expectations. This was very important because it allowed me to see how my work will contribute to the final output.

It was an enriching summer internship experience for me as I gained new financial knowledge that I am not exposed to as an accounting undergraduate.

What are some things you have done during your attachment?

During the weekends, my colleagues and I signed up for a ceramic workshop, organised a day trip to Mekong Delta, attended local tours conducted by university students and visited some heritage apartments and cafes!

Do you have any tips to share with other fellow interns who want to work in a foreign country?

#1: Be proactive & take initiative

#2: Be humble and learn from mistakes

#3: Build good rapport with colleagues, fellow interns and make an effort to mingle with colleagues across departments.


Be a jetsetter and apply for the Young Talent Programme now! 

Decision Magazine Issue 12

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