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Tips to get the most of your university days!

Decisions magazine - Issue 11

How to get the most of your university days? We share some tips with you!

Join a Co-Curricular Activity (CCA)

Take part in CCAs to connect with your fellow peers from other faculties. Besides picking up a new skill, you can also build soft skills such as teamwork, leadership, and creative problem-solving that employers look out for during an interview.

In Deloitte, we have the Inspire Awards initiative to recognise students who not only excel in their academic achievements but who have also made exceptional contributions in the areas of sports, arts and community work.

Find out more about the Inspire Awards here.

Embark on overseas exchange programmes

Sign up for an exchange programme to broaden your international perspective and gain insights into how you can navigate an increasingly borderless world. By embarking on overseas assignments, you may find yourself becoming more independent and resilient in the process. Read page 20 of our magazine to hear about the experiences of our Deloitte colleagues who have embarked on the Deloitte Global Mobility Programme and how it has benefited them.

Get involved in community work

Volunteering and helping others gives you a sense of purpose when you devote your time to serve the community. It also allows you to make new friends and connections while developing your social skills. Playing a part in building a stronger and happier community provides a natural sense of accomplishment as well! For more ideas on giving back to the community, visit NVPC website at for the various programmes available.

Take up an internship

Internships are equally important as they allow you to find out if the job or the company’s culture is what you are expecting in a career. At the same time, taking on internships will help to build up your industry-related work skills and professional networks early. These valuable work experiences, which should be included in your resume, can provide you with the competitive edge over your peers.

Deloitte currently offers selected students a second internship opportunity where they can intern in a second division and determine where their interests lie before embarking on their future career.

Build connections

Attend recruitment fairs and networking sessions to expand your professional and social network. Through these events, you will be able to get a head start in your career by establishing meaningful connections with potential employers.

Remember to leave a good first impression while making personal contact, and make sure you have your CV on hand. These valuable connections allow you to gain a clearer insight about the industry, company and the job you are interested in.

Decision Magazine Issue 11

In issue 11, read on to discover Deloitte’s participation in UNLEASH 2018 and how we are making an impact that matters. Get ready to be inspired by the journey of Deloitte Audit Partner Aw Xin Pei – the second SMU Accountancy graduate to make partnership in the Big Four. FIFA World Cup 2018 was also a tournament full of surprises and drama which saw France bringing the golden cup home - read on as our Southeast Asia Sports Business Group Leader, James Walton sums up some of the highs and low of this year’s World Cup in Russia! 

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