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Making a difference with Deloitte Singapore's Yvonne Pow

D.cisions magazine – Issue 10

Find out how Deloitte Audit & Assurance Assistant Manager, Yvonne Pow creates a positive social impact and juggles her time between working and volunteering.

Juggling between work and volunteering

In her role, Yvonne Pow supports her Audit managers in completing audit assignments, as well as provide mentorship and training to fellow team members.

Back in 2015, Yvonne decided that she wanted to do more with her time by engaging in more meaningful volunteering activities. She took the first step and kickstarted her volunteering journey with the Radin Mas Grassroots’ Youth Executive Committee (YEC).

It is only one hour of my time every week

A key initiative of the Radin Mas YEC is the “Sunday Meal Delivery” programme which involves Yvonne and a small group of youth volunteers preparing meals for the less privileged elderly folks living in one-room rental flats in Radin Mas.

Every Sunday evening, be it rain or shine, they would cook and deliver dinner to the elderly. Although Yvonne admits that the food prepared are relatively simple, she cannot help but feel a sense of self-contentment when she sees the wide smiles on the elderly faces as they receive the food from the volunteers.

Volunteering has its challenges too

Yvonne shares that the most challenging aspect about volunteering is having the ability to manage the expectations and mindsets of the elderly. There is always a limit to the number of elderly folks that she may be able to serve on each project, or there may be budget constraints which may hinder her from contributing more. This does not deter her from volunteering but instead, Yvonne chooses to work with the resources that she is given and helps out within her own capabilities.

Volunteering has taught her to treasure and cherish her loved ones more

Over the years, Yvonne has also witnessed the deaths of many senior beneficiaries she has served, and these encounters have taught her to cherish her loved ones more and to seize the opportunities around her and not to take things for granted.

Deloitte colleagues - her pillar of support!

Yvonne concludes that her managers at Deloitte have been truly supportive of her volunteering journey so far, and they will never restrict her involvement as long as she is able to balance between work and volunteerism.

“My word of advice to my fellow Deloitte colleagues - help others within your own abilities as we know our own abilities best. There are many people out there in the society who are waiting for us to give them a helping hand, so if you can, let’s all help them out in whatever way we can."

I am glad to be part of this journey with these seniors – giving them the moral support and assurance they need. The seniors know that they are not alone or need to starve because the volunteers and I are here for them every week, even if it’s just for an hour or so. To many others, this may seem insignificant but for the seniors we are serving, this 1 hour in fact means a lot to them.

In issue 10, discover how Deloitte Audit Assistant Manager Yvonne Pow makes a positive difference to society as she juggles her time between working and volunteering. Are you keen to join the jet set?  Grab some tips on how to get picked for a mobility assignment in this issue!  Find out how you can be an intern superstar as our ex-intern, Eugene Tay shares his secrets to success on his unique audit internship experience. In addition, we also look back at the key highlights of 2017 as we celebrated our Golden Jubilee with a bang!

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