2022 was a busy year for the Deloitte SEA Executive Engagement team. With borders reopening and markets emerging out of the pandemic, the team slowly moved from organising virtual events to hosting in-person ones, ranging from C-suite hospitality events to symposiums and roundtables. We’re happy to share some event highlights and look forward to engaging with our C-suite clients in the coming year.

CxO 2022 activities summary

Board-ready Women 2022

January – April 2022

SheXO Forum 2022: Leading with trust

11 March 2022

SheXO Young Leaders Challenge 2022

May – October 2022

Singapore CFO Forum: Driving transformation in finance

29 August 2022

The LKY Musical

9 September 2022

SheXO luncheon and fireside chat with Aliza Knox

20 October 2022

Southeast Asia CFO Vision 2022: A world remade

3 November 2022

Board symposium

14 November 2022

Chairpersons Club

14 November 2022

Chair of the Future report – Singapore edition

November 2022

Southeast Asia CFO Agenda 2022: The evolving roles of the CFO

November 2022

SheXO Christmas luncheon

1 December 2022

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