SEA CFO Program Overview


SheXO Program Offerings

For Women of Impact

Supports the personal and professional development of established, emerging or aspiring women leaders. By championing diversity and inclusion, we hope to create a supportive environment for them to be inspired, grow, connect and drive meaningful change in communities to advance women in leadership.

SheXO Program Offerings

Forums and Virtual Meet up

Provide opportunities for women leaders to learn, engage in thought-provoking discussion, build valuable networks and exchange ideas in a safe peer to peer environment.

Women of Impact Newsletters

Contents and thought leadership pieces on trending issues and insights to help women leaders stay ahead of the marketplace and growing demands.

CSR & Community Outreach

Initiatives with charitable organisations that will help women leaders achieve a greater sense of purpose and forge personal connections with the community at large.

SheXO NextGeneration Academy

A first-of-its-kind experience designed to prepare aspiring women leaders who have the potential to step into leadership positions succeed in a future C-suite role.

Transition Lab

A personalized and immersive one-day experience that empowers newly appointed C-suite women leaders or those with prior experiences who are switching industries to make efficient and effective transitions into their new roles.

SheXO Survey

Tracks the latest thinking and actions of women leaders from a wide range of industries across the region on various challenges faced by women in business.

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