Frequently Asked Questions

About the SheXO Young Leaders Challenge

What is a case study challenge?

You will be presented with a challenge question and tasked to come up with a solution. You will be required to write a report on your solution. If your solution is shortlisted, you will present your solution to a panel of judges.

Who is eligible for this challenge?

The challenge is open to all female students currently enrolled in any undergraduate program in a Singapore university*. All candidates are to participate in an individual capacity.

Is there any fee to participate in this challenge?

The SheXO Young Leaders Challenge is free of charge.

What is the timeline of this challenge?

6 June

Registration for the SheXO Young Leaders Challenge opens

3 July Registration closes
4 July Release of case material to confirmed registrants
31 July Deadline for report submissions
September Shortlisted candidates are notified to proceed to the final round
October Winners of the SheXO Young Leaders Challenge are announced

Will I be able to choose the internship company of my choice?

We will do our best to match the winners with their desired internship role based on the ranking of their choice of industries during registration.

I am unable to take up the internship at the organisation matched to me. Am I allowed to switch or drop out of the internship halfway?

Winners will be given a period of 1 year to take up the internship at the organisation matched to them. Once an internship has been matched to a winner, she is obligated to complete the internship as per the agreed internship period with the organisation.

How will the prize presentation ceremony be like?

More details and information will be shared with the winners of the SheXO Young leaders Challenge.

Who are the mentors assigned to me when I embark on my internship program?

Mentors will be from your internship organisation. A senior leader will conduct one-on-one monthly check-in sessions to share about personal branding, communication skills, education and other career tips.

*Please refer to the terms and conditions of the challenge for further details on universities that qualify.

For further questions on the challenge, please contact the SheXO YLC team at