Asia Pacific CFO Vision 2019 in Singapore

Winning in a disruptive world

16 July 2019 | Conrad Centennial Singapore

On 16 July 2019, Deloitte hosted its second Asia Pacific CFO Vision 2019 in Singapore, as part of a four series conference across the Asia Pacific Region.

This year’s conference themed “Winning in a Disruptive World”, hosted more than 100 attendees and brought together insights from Deloitte’s leaders and distinguished external speakers on how today's changing geopolitics, investment landscape, stakeholder and workforce expectations together with technology are transforming the work of CFOs and the finance function.

Vivian Jian, Deloitte Asia Pacific’s Clients & Industries Leader officiated the conference followed by a panel discussion, with Deloitte China Chief Economist and Deloitte Chief Global Economist Dr. Ira Kalish. Our economists explored ongoing geopolitical tensions, changing business models and policy conditions affecting the Asia Pacific economies. Over the day, Deloitte’s leaders provided captivating presentations on upcoming technology trends, customer experience strategy and the future of financial transformation, with a Keynote address by Cindy Hook, Deloitte Asia Pacific CEO.

Dr Paul Sin, Deloitte Asia Pacific’s Blockchain Leader, broke down the complex topic of blockchain technology in an engaging manner while Deloitte Southeast Asia’s Cyber Risk Services Leader Thio Tse Gan explored the evolving frameworks for cyber risk appetite.

The afternoon highlight included a panel session moderated by Pushp Deep Gupta, Global Leader of Deloitte Leadership, with panellists Ramesh Gopalkrishna from Workplace by Facebook, Luke Clark from Page Group and Zoey Tong from Octomate. Together they discussed topics impacting the workforce of the future such as managing millennial talents, diversity and appreciating individual difference in organisations. The Asia Pacific CFO Vision 2019 concluded with a presentation by Deloitte’s CFO Program Leader, Sanford A. Cockrell III, on accelerating the evolution of CFOs to serve as strategic partners for business by fully exploiting new tools and methods.