Navigating the changing electronic communications landscape

Through compliance monitoring and technology

With the increasing scrutiny on corporate behaviour and a greater focus on individual accountability, organisations across different sectors need to enhance their electronic communications (‘eComms’) compliance programmes.

Internal and external business communications are no longer limited to just email, with organisations now using a broad range of platforms, services, and formats, many of which fall within the scope of eComms. Market regulations often mandate that any communication, which may result in business activities, should be captured, retained, and ultimately, monitored for market and conduct risks. This now includes all messages (including the use of audio, video, images and emojis) sent across corporate collaboration platforms, mobile instant messaging and even social media.

At Deloitte, we have developed a comprehensive approach to helping clients understand their risks, evaluate the scope and scale of eComms platforms in operation and implement robust capture and monitoring frameworks to enable them to meet their obligations and mitigate the risk of transaction disputes. Click the image below to read about our eComms solutions:

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Darren Cerasi

Darren Cerasi

Discovery & Data Management Leader, Deloitte Forensic, SEA

Mr. Cerasi has 25 years’ experience working with technology in numerous fields. Over the last 20 years, he has focused on Digital Forensics, eDiscovery and Cyber Security investigations. As a Partner ... More