Impact Accelerator

Powerful and immersion development journey for high potential talent and leaders

Accelerating the impact of your leaders

With the world of business changing at an exponential pace leaders of organisations have to be ready for ‘multiple futures’ in order to adapt and thrive in the new world. To do so, leaders must develop a nuanced understanding of each role and build the inherent capabilities therein.

Multiple Leadership Roles for multiple futures and contexts

In Deloitte’s Impact Accelerator, we will articulate multiple leadership roles across 3 key categories:

1. Business roles:

  • The value creator
  • The customer advocate
  • The innovator
  • The intrapreneur


2. Workforce roles:

  • The performance catalyst
  • The communicator
  • The meaning maker
  • The People Inspirer


3. Emerging roles:

  • The agile navigator
  • The digital evangelist
  • The designer


During the Impact Accelerator Leadership journey, leaders will build the skills and mindsets needed for specific Leadership roles that is chosen together with the client organisation.

The Impact Accelerator enables multiple objectives:

  • Leadership capacity - Build capacity in your leaders to effectively lead multiple transformations at your organisation
  • Leadership impact - Raise the impact of your leaders significantly in everything that they do
  • Creative confidence - Build confidence in your leaders to thrive in a disruptive world
  • Enterprise leadership - Ensure the exposure and agility that your leaders need to take on significant enterprise leadership roles now or in the near future
  • Ecosystem activation - Connect your leaders to vital ecosystems and networks across and beyond the organisation


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Impact Accelerator
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